Ehen quality concrete counts
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About Us

We are an established company who has been operating in the area over the last sixteen years.
We are now expanding our operation to cover the most of the northwest area.

Listed below are some bullet points which I think will be of benefit to yourselves.

  1. Mix it with the biggest and we like to feel the best volumetric company in the North West,
    We have the fleet-power to deliver on time.

    a) We offer both a straight pour delivery method as well as a full barrowing service from the
    same vehicle.

    b) On our straight pour deliveries we can produce directly off the back of the vehicle up to
    20 feet away. This must vary depending on the area to which we are delivering to.
    The vehicle can produce 1m of concrete per minute but the speed is varied to suit the
    customers needs.

    c) The slump of the concrete can be varied to any specification. To explain further, if you
    order 50 slump from any other concrete company, that is what you will get, with ourselves
    we can vary the slump to suit your needs. For example on our 10m vehicle you could have
    5m @ 75 slump, 3m @ 100 slump and 2m of semi dry.

  2. You pay only for what you take ie: NO PART LOAD CHARGES

  3. We offer a full range of design mixes plus fibremesh if required.

  4. We supply a mix specifically designed for pumping.


Freephone 0500 40 40 62